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Rossetta Sparks: The Secret Mission


This is a PDF download for the book Rossetta Sparks: The Secret mission. This book can also be found at for the same price of USD 9.79. It is now on offer for a limited period.

There are children’s authors and there are authors who are children. This book is written by a 10 year old author who is a child and it is surprisingly very well written. The author is inspired by Geronemo Stilton and is motivated to write books that captivates early readers. It is suitable as chapter books for kids especially for girls ages 9-12. The use of different fonts and colors in the book will definitely keep young readers captivated. It is one of the best children’s books for kindle ages 9-12. If you are of age 9-12, you will relate very well to this story.

Here’s why you must buy this book:

* This is your chance to make a difference in a 10 year old child’s life for less than 10 dollars.
* Your single act of paying less than 10 dollars for this book goes a long way to boost the confidence of this child author to continue her passion in writing and to one day be a bestselling author.

* This is your chance to help this young author in the area of self confidence as this is her first book.

* This book is one of the best chapter books for kids who are beginning to enjoy reading as the different fonts and colors will definitely keep young readers captivated.

Here’s what will happen if you pass out this one chance of paying less than 10 dollars for this book:

* You help to shatter the dream of a young child who has the potential to become a bestselling author.

* You just shut off a young child’s passion and creativity. The author, age 10 and her sister, age 8 formatted the book fonts and colors using HTML which they self learned from the internet.

* You help to shatter her self confidence. She may never write again.

So, what is 10 dollars to you? If you pass out this one chance of buying this book, you can’t get much by saving it.

This young author deserves more than 10 dollars for this book. She puts in a lot of effort writing the book and formatting it in html to make it really suitable for children ages 9 -12 by varying the fonts sizes, colors and font type to really capture the interest of young readers.
So what are you waiting for? Part with your 10 dollars now and download the book to your kindle or you can read it straightaway from your browser on Kindle Cloud Reader. Then, write an honest review to help this child improve her writing skills. Go ahead download now and make her day as well as yours… This book is worth more than 10 dollars and it will not remain so for long. Go ahead, download now and you will surely enjoy the book… Satisfaction Guaranteed…

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Children's Books Age 9 - 12
Rossetta Sparks: The Secret Mission

Rossetta Sparks: The Secret Mission


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