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I’ve got to share my experience about something. I know I don’t make these kind of deep posts very often, in fact this is my first time. But I feel the need to clarify some things.

I may not be right, I’m just a child, but this is what I’ve learnt so far from the 13 years I’ve been on this planet.

Have you realised something about society?

People always seem to misunderstand.

I guess it’s just human nature. We all misunderstand each other sometimes, it’s inevitable.

But sometimes it happens way too much.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m Little Miss Perfect or anything, it’s just that I feel that I’ve experienced a lot about misunderstanding for a girl my age.

When I was 6, I was wholly convinced that every time something went wrong in my life, I was not the one to blame. It was everyone else’s fault, never mine. Everyone misunderstood me, and I understood everyone.

My sadness would often turn into rage back then. Someone would scold me for something, and I’d get seething furious about it instead of feeling guilty and sorry and sad.

I’d used to think, “Why can’t people be like me? See, I understand everything.”

Then up until I was 11, I had a sudden realisation.

It wasn’t the people around me that misunderstood me.

I misunderstood them.

I went into a sort of passive mode then, always watching people and the actions they take, trying to understand why things happened to me, why things are the way they are. I started blaming everything bad that happened to me on myself. Everything that happened to me was purely my own fault, and I was convinced that I had to understand people more, and everyone already understood enough of me.

Things were well for a while, and I continued watching, often giving advice to my younger sister whenever she burst out screaming, “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!!” at my parents. She never listened though, she’s stubborn that way.

Then things began to go out of hand.

I started to break down, and life went a little downhill. I was so confused. Maybe I misunderstood someone? Maybe I judged someone wrongly? Maybe it’s got something to do with how I’m so terrible sometimes?

So I sat down one day, and thought to myself about all this. There was clearly something wrong here. Then I realised it.

No one’s perfect.

I misunderstand others, and often they too misunderstand me. Every situation needs to be thought about carefully, looking into every aspect and perspective to see who is truly in the wrong.

Don’t ever stress yourself too much on either one of these extremes. It doesn’t feel good. On one end, you’re the best person out there, and on the other, you’re the worst human to ever exist. Keep a balance.

Everyone misunderstands.

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  1. Chanel Ngoi

    Nice writing Arianna

  2. uncle Jeff

    very well said Arianna
    yes, misunderstsndings can lead to many unhappy and unwarranted scenarios..
    humility,patience,empathy and the willingness to talk about it often can defuse such situations

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