Holidays yo!!!!

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Hey people!!!

So it’s the term break, and I’m freakin happy. FINALLY I can go back to my desktop.
Holidays yo!!!



Ohmigosh, it’s been like, what, freakin ages.

I really miss the keyboard and the typing and the screen…

Lately I’ve been occupied with loads of work, so I couldn’t get my hand on the computer.




Missin my desktop


So now I’m back with you guys, and I’ve got a lot to say….




1. Rewriting first and second book


So recently I read my first two books and my reaction went something like this :

"What the heck was I thinking??"
“What the heck was I thinking??”


And I literally decided in that split second that I had to change this. like, REALLY had to change this.

So ya.

I’ll post something new when I’m done, and I’ll update, but for now you might wanna wait for a while more….


2. Fanfictions and Drawings


I haven’t been updating either for quite some time, but if you wanna check them out drop by for it!

Or, if you prefer, my fanfic(s) are also on Wattpad,, and Quotev. Drawings can be found on Deviantart as well. 😀


3. Youtube


So recently I’ve got my animation techniques rounded up and I’m ready to start producing nice videos for you all. They’d probably be in black and white most of the time, unless maybe I wanna tell a story or something. So yeah.

I’ll post my vids here as well as on Youtube, so you can check them out wherever you like.

I really like JaidenAnimations and TonyvToons, if you could check them out and say hi to them for me, that would be AMAZING.


4. MORE BOOKS!!!!!!


So I’ve also had this huge BAM! explosion of stuff to write. So there’ll be more books out for y’all.


And they’ll be unique (nothing related to Rossetta and Rachel)

Oh yeah, Rachel Sniper’ll be coming soon!!


5. Products


I’ve got the hang of crochet, so loads of cheap nice little stuff will soon be available over at the “Shop” button up there. 

If you guys have a request for something, just tell me, and maybe I’ll make it??? 😀


So yeah guys. I guess that’s all for now. Till I see y’all again!!!!

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