Arianna Kay | About me


Hey people of planet earth and the awesome Internet!!! My name’s Arianna, and this is my About Me page.


I was born on the spectacular year of 2003, on the 7th of April, in this little country called Malaysia. I lived a pretty normal life, until Primary 4 came around.


When I was 10, I suddenly had this HUGE urge to write a book, and if I didn’t… well, this website wouldn’t be here. 😀 So I wrote my first book, and then every year I continued on with writing more and more books. It helped me to vent, and it kinda seemed therapeutic (idk why).


So then when I was twelve, I had this major breakthrough in how I wrote my books, like the language and all that stuff, and I realized how awful my way of describing things were in my first two books.


So I rewrote them.


Anyways, other than my books, I also self-learned crochet when I was twelve. I play the piano and I’m also kind of struggling to self-learn the guitar. My hobbies include singing (you can check out my covers on Youtube), reading, writing and drawing. I can’t help but scream my head off when I’m singing in the shower, and also can’t help but doodling on my workbooks when I’m revising. I guess it makes studying less boring…?


At school, I’m surrounded by a bunch of awesome idiots who help me get through life every day. And I wouldn’t know where I’d be without them.


Shoutout to P6A1, the best class I’ve ever known!! (especially DJE, love y’all!!)


Also, to Ms. Mah, Ms. Winnie, Ms. Boo and Ms. Eoh Yang, thank you for launching my singing career at school, and I would be NOWHERE without you awesome teachers!!!